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Personalized Engraved Wooden Plaques

The photos on wood are laser engraved to make special personalized tokens or gifts. Engravings can be done on marble, granite, or wood and only the highest quality products are used. We also provide a same-day service for specific products.

How Do Engravings on Wood Work?

To have your picture engraved onto a wooden plaque, start by choosing the size of the wood you want your image engraved on. There are four sizes available: 5" x 7", 6" x 8", 7½" x 10", and 9" x 12". After this is done, you will choose the layout. We have three different layouts available: best fit, landscape, and portrait. Then upload the image you wish to have engraved on the piece of wood, choose the text that you want engraved with your picture, and then select the border you like the best.

Type of Wood

We only use the highest quality steamed beech timber as the wood for your engravings. This ensures that the results are spectacular. We also make sure that we use only your high-quality image so that the results for the engravings are superb.

Our Process of Photo Editing

We start the process of photo engraving on wood and editing by first asking you to send us a picture that you would like to be engraved. Once we receive your photo, we will use our special software to remove the background of the picture so that the file can be sent for the engraving process. Next, the photo will be converted into a file that can be engraved.

Example of Engraved Wooden Plaques

custom engraved plaques from Wood

Shipping Information and Other Policies

We will ship your order anywhere within the United States within seven days of you placing your order with us. Since we want you to be completely satisfied with the product we are offering, we also provide a 30-day return policy. Therefore, if you feel that the product you receive is not up to your expectations, you may return it. We will also replace your order if it gets damaged during the shipping process. Such damages are highly unlikely as we take great care in making sure that your product gets delivered to you safely.

  • Q: There is an section for text when ordering a custom picture engraving. What if you do not want that option?
    A: If you only require the image and no text on the engraved plaque then leave a space in the box for the text and leave it blank. You can then select the border option and add it to your cart. I hope this helps !
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  • Q: How can I clean my engraved print?
    A: You can clean your engraved print like any other wooden furniture that is cleaned, with a damp cloth to remove dust particles.
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  • Q: Can I make a name plate out of an engraved print?
    A: Yes of-course, we do have various font options and basic designs to engrave names in order to make a great name plate!
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  • Q: Can I use my custom picture to create an engraved print?
    A: Yes you can definitely use your own pictures or any custom picture and get an engraved print out of it.
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  • Q: Do they come along with stands?
    A: Yes Engraved prints come along with a table top stand and a hanging hook in case if one wants to hang it instead of placing on a surface.
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  • Q: What technology is used for engraving?
    A: We do Laser engraving on the wood. Laser engraving is the process of using a laser beam to burn or engrave on many forms of materials such as wood, metal, marble, granite, acrylic, glass and much more.
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  • Q: What kind of wood is used for Engraved prints?
    A: We use "Birch Wood" for engraving.
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