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  • Renew Your Unique Gifting Ideas With Heart-Shaped Lamp

    CanvasChamp brings you a fantastic way to express your love through a customised heart-shaped moon lamp. Easily stand out with this charming yet romantic night lamp that will not only bring you happiness but a joy to anyone you gift it to! It is an incredible gift for your friends, family or even for colleagues.

    Gift custom heart-shaped moon lamp on special occasions like marriage anniversary, engagement, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, Valentine's Day, proposal day, Diwali or any other random day you like! Our heart-shaped moon lamp comes with a USB cable and can retain charge up to 12 hours which means the lamp can stay lit from night till morning!

    With a special wooden stand to go with the moon lamp, you can create three different custom-sized heart-shaped moon lamp with us. All you need is a photo or a message to get it carved, and we will do it for you!

    Personalized Heart Moon Lamp Specifications

    Additional ₹199.00 will be charged for back customization.

    (50% OFF)
    Heart-Shaped Moon Lamp

    Customized Heart-Shaped Moon Lamp for a Unique Decor

    If you have been bored of all the usual gifting options, then we bring you a replica of the moon as a lamp with a photo of your beloved on it! CanvasChamp has acquired one of the most advanced 3D printing technologies that can print the same moon as per the ISRO moon recordings.

    We use eco-friendly materials to create the moon's real appearance in our heart-shaped lamp to give a vivid photo experience. Moon has been a divine symbol of love for ages. So why not use it to bring you luck, happiness and affection the right way? A simple touch on top of the lamp can change the lamp's colour into 16 different variations making it a must-have for the bedroom.

    Not only will it add warmth in the atmosphere of your home, but its wooden stand will make the lamp an excellent decor item that will be easy to notice.