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Canvas Wall Art Displays

Thinking of filling that spare wall of your home or office with wall-art, or canvas photos to spruce up space? Why not convert the wall into art with creative display canvases with your choice of pictures? Enlarge one of your favorite pictures or artworks into a whole wall display or fill the wall with numerous precious pictures; canvas wall display guarantees a chic, modern look. Create this unique wall decor with works of art that inspire and delight your guests.

Single Panel and Multi panel wall display styles

A single panel wall display presents your photographs and artwork, one or many, on one stretched canvas. A single panel wall display is printed in a simple manner, opening up the picture or canvas to the depths of themselves and creating a profound effect on the room it is mounted or displayed in. A multi panel canvas wall display is the perfect choice to the single panel wall display. Your chosen images will be spliced into image tiles. These image tiles, when mounted in multiple canvases, it gives a panel grouping effect which is perfect for covering vast, empty walls

Difference Between Single Canvas Prints and Wall Displays

A single canvas contains and limits an image into a small canvas frame. While a single canvas is powerful for a portrait or poster, a wall display is a collection of images or one image spread across a wide area. Create larger than life canvases with wall displays that will let your pictures and art work go beyond the usual one-dimensional outlook that is easily attributed to single canvas prints photos. Canvas Champ prints are of a good quality, retaining their lines and colours and create high-quality wall-sized pictures. Expanding your prints into wall display also will expand a picture’s horizons and prompt the viewer to become more involved with the space.

Unique style of Wall Decor

CanvasChamp India provides hassle-free, custom designed canvas wall displays that are affordable, good looking and long lasting! With high-quality printing, canvas wall display will add a larger-than life appeal and extend the details of your picture or art work.

One picture isn’t enough to create a stunning canvas wall display? Pick many precious photos and add them to your wall display canvas to create a picture gallery wall, wall art displaying memorable moments. Creating personalized art as a wall display for your home, office couldn’t be easier.