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Personalized Moon Lamp

Personalized Moon Lamp

Express your love, support and appreciation by dedicating a personal moon to your loved ones! CanvasChamp brings you a way to get your best picture carved on a moon lamp that can instantly brighten any dark room.

Get to devote the best memories on a custom moon lamp and celebrate even the littlest moments of life with a moon right in your palms. Our moon lamp can become a stunning night lamp for any room, desk or shelf!

Additional ₹199.00 will be charged for back customization.

Custom Moon Lamp Specifications

  • Size:
    • Small (100mm diameter
    • Medium (150mm diameter)
    • Large (200 mm diameter)
  • Steam Beech wood base in glossy/matte polish
  • Golden LED light panel
  • Two-year warranty on the light panel
  • 2m USB cable with a switch
  • Photo shaped on acrylic panel
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Personalised Table Lamp

Personalised Table Lamp

Surprise your friends, family or colleagues with a unique moon shaped 3D photo lamp to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, or even a promotion. Gift a 3D moon lamp with your favourite picture accompanying a sweet message as a gift to make the moments more memorable.

Remember someone you have lost well by getting their portrait printed on a custom moon lamp. We offer a range of colour options and custom sizes options on our personalised moon lamps.