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Double Layer Acrylic Frames

Double Layer Acrylic Frames

Display your prints creatively and uniquely with double layer wall art

Many people like to design their house walls but do not know how to do it. Some people paste wall stickers, some like to hang plants, and some want to showcase their family pictures. If you like to make a wall full of your family pictures, then using Custom Double Layer Acrylic would be the most creative and unique way.

This double layer art wall gives a 3D look which is perfect. In this double layer acrylic, the front layer floats above the back layer. The best part is that both the layers can be of your choice. It can be a solid color or even a blurred version of the photo in the front.

    Custom Double Layer Acrylic Specifications

    Custom Double Layer Acrylic Specifications

    Double layer acrylic for displaying your photos

    • Material: Acrylic
    • Thickness: 4MM
    • Hardware Option: No Hanging Kit, Table Stand, Stand Offs & Acrylic Stand
    Custom Double Layer Acrylic as Gifts

    Custom Double Layer Acrylic as Gifts

    Use custom double layer wall art for making a family collage on the wall

    Many people are very creative, and they like to decorate their house with alluring accessories. By simply using the custom double layer acrylic frame, you can make a perfect artistic wall.

    The double-layer acrylic gives you a smooth and glaring look, and the picture if clear, i.e. there are no bubble formations. Once the frame is ready, you will be amazed at how flawless and beautiful the result is.

    There are many options for you to choose from regarding the print, photo and pattern. There are endless prints; you can give the picture of your choice, and also, the design can be round, square and rectangle.

    You can also gift this to someone for their birthday, anniversary or house warming ceremony. You can also make an entire lot of frames for your hall room and display them all on one single wall.