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  • Matchless quality of acrylic photo blocks from us
  • Polished the best way for gleaming edges
  • Reflective mirror along with a classy black acrylic base
  • Gratification from our product is 100% assured
Acrylic photo blocks- a premium product for gifting

Print your Happy Memories in Acrylic Photo Blocks

Are you looking for the perfect personalised gift, promotional item or recognition award? Our solid acrylic photo blocks are ideal as paperweights for office or room decor. The image is laser etched inside the block of acrylic, so the image appears to be floating in space. We use the highest quality optical acrylic available. The large clear glass is hand polished and free of any warping or bubbles. Also, the edges are made diamond clear to give the best look of your personalised photo.


Find the Best Option in Acrylic Block Size

We offer various size options for you to decide how to fit your fantastic moments in A4 acrylic photo blocks. From portraits to couple photos to a huge family photo, choose a size from a rectangle or square shape.



Your photo will be changed into a laser engraved format to give the best vibrancy to all the colours in the photo. The glass would be polished in such a way as to give a clear see-through of your photo from any angle.



Background of the photo will be kept and not engraved so as to give it a base to your photo. It will help the photo to not shine from any angles of light and stay marvellous for years.

Canvaschamp Brings You Custom Acrylic Photo Block Prints of Best Quality

With keeping in mind to deliver supreme quality, these are things we always hold onto while making acrylic blocks for you:

  • Photo paper of premium quality
  • Speedy delivery with safe packaging
  • Bright colours infused with UV inks
  • Amazing gift for friends and family
  • Feather-light and freestanding
  • Indestructible and non-opaque glass
Acrylic Photo Block with an Acrylic Stand

Acrylic Photo Block with an Acrylic Stand

Usually, the glass of the acrylic block is thick enough to stand and display a photo on its own. But if you want to give more significance to it in decor, one can opt for an additional and optional black base to the photo to make the image pop out from the block.

All the Info on Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic photo block is a great way to give a 3D effect to your photo

One of the best features of an acrylic block is that it gives a 3D appearance of a photo. The glass creates reflections in a way to create a striking depth in the photo.

Photo is laminated at one side of the block for a view from any angle

The photo you wish to out in the acrylic photo block is printed and laminated at one side of the glass so that it can be view from the other clear and polished sides of the glass.

An online design tool that gives you an opportunity to create your own acrylic glass photo blocks

Our editing tool lets you personalize your choices of options in sizes, paper type and base.

CanvasChamp makes personalised acrylic blocks at a cheap price without sacrificing the quality

We are known for our photo products to be of the best quality and at the cheapest price in the market at the same time. Hence, this makes us more dedicated to all our customers to give the best services and delivery.

High resolutions and colour impact on your image thanks to our printing technology

Your digitally printed photo will have a high resolution and impressive colour depth due to our modern colour printing technology.

Don't only print photos, but even add custom text and clip art

We not only have options on sizes and paper type but also in background colour, custom text and clip art to help you create a perfect picture for your acrylic photo block.