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Shaped Canvas Prints

Circle Canvas Prints
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    Custom Round Shaped Canvas Prints

    Custom Round Shaped Canvas Prints

    Give your creativity wings and your home a new look; believe us, you can do a lot more with custom round-shaped canvas prints.

    All you need to do is Go to our design tool and upload your favourite historic site’s photo, your one-to-one encounter with tigers in national parks, your baby’s first pick, or any moment special to your heart. And, place your orders! Canvas Champ will deliver it to your preferred location.

    If you are an entrepreneur, plan to place a oval shape canvas at the entrance of your office with your brand logo or get your company’s vision imprinted on it.

    Round Canvas Details

    • Sizes: 10 sizes in 4” increments from 12” to 48” diameter
    • Material: Heirloom-quality canvas
    • Thickness: 0.6”
    • Hardware: Sawtooth Hanger & Hanging Hooks
    • Wrap: Border color wrap
    Custom Triangle Canvas Prints

    Custom Triangle Canvas Prints

    Ever thought about how Canvas in Triangle shape will look? Trust us; they look fantastic. Triangle shaped canvas prints have their uniqueness and charm.

    When you plan to recreate your living room, don’t miss the abstract triangle art of the moon, sun, sea, or ocean. Abstract triangle canvas is a perfect form of elegance and style, and you can never go wrong with them. You can even capture your child’s beautiful memory on a triangle-shaped canvas and hang it in his/her room. Your child will love it, and one who watches it will adore this masterpiece

    Or, design triangle shaped canvas prints with quotes for your office as they will enhance the overall atmosphere of the office.

    Triangle Canvas Details

    • Sizes: 10 sizes in 4” increments from 12” to 48” length each side
    • Material: Heirloom-quality canvas
    • Thickness: 0.75” & 1.5”
    • Hardware: Ready to Hang, Sawtooth Hanger, Hanging Hooks and Dust Cover Back
    • Wrap: Border color wrap
    Beautify Your Home Decor with Shaped Canvas

    Beautify Your Home Decor with Shaped Canvas

    Shaped canvas - never fails to draw compliments for you.

    When you plan your home decor with shaped canvas, every guest will be spellbound. So, wait for nothing and start transforming your magical moments with our high-quality shaped canvas prints. Make your confront zones and work zones enchanting and captivating with the memories you want to treasure forever.

    Design every nook and corner of your home or office with our magnificent pieces of Shaped Canvas. You can add luxury and style to the office entrance, change the entire look of your empty hallway, or surprise your spouse on your anniversary by placing it in your bedroom.

    How to Order Custom Shaped Canvas Prints In India?

    How to Order Custom Shaped Canvas Prints In India?

    Deliver customised shaped canvas prints with your favourite photos on your doorstep anywhere in India by simply following the below steps:

    • Visit our design tool
    • Pick a shape of your liking
    • Upload picture that you want to place on these beautiful custom canvas print
    • Choose a clipart or add your quote or text message
    • See the final version
    • Place your order

    Unique Decor Options for Custom Shaped Canvas Prints

    Check out below custom shaped canvas prints decor ideas:

    • Customize your family photo on shape canvas and place in your living room on a bare white wall
    • Make your kitchen livelier by hanging round shaped photo canvas with motivational quotes
    • Let the garden become a happier place with square shaped canvas with your favorite lyrics
    Shaped Canvas - A Fulfilling Gift for Your Loved Ones

    Shaped Canvas - A Fulfilling Gift for Your Loved Ones

    Treasure your memories forever, with our round-shaped and triangle canvas prints.

    Why restrict your gift-giving to old-fashioned four-cornered frames? Try exploring lovely shaped canvas prints available in round shapes and triangle shapes on CanvasChamp. Whether it is a birthday celebration or a joyous moment of the 25th wedding anniversary celebration, personalised shaped canvas prints never fail to surprise.

    At CanvasChamp, we create canvases that are a symbol of love and care. Your friends, family, and loved ones will cherish it lifelong. Shaped canvas intact your beautiful memory firmly on shaped canvas prints.


    What resolution is best for printed images on canvas?

    If you want your picture to look stunning choose 200 dpi or larger for images for your shaped canvas print.

    What technology is used for printing?

    We use ultraviolet screen printing technology to deliver best quality shaped canvas prints.

    What if I want only photos or graphics and no text?

    Just use our design tool and customisation is in your hands. You can add photos with or without text and graphics.

    Can I order custom round and triangle canvas prints in bulk?

    CanvasChamp excepts bulk orders and also offer great discounts so send your queries now.