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Personalised Photo Umbrellas

Can’t find good printed umbrella? Make one with us

Personalised Photo Umbrellas

Never take an umbrella for granted again with our easy-to-design custom photo umbrellas that allow us to print up to eight photos on its octagonal panel. Our umbrellas are wind-resistant and come with a manual opening to give it a vintage feel to it.

With an option in getting an additional cover and a choice in fabric, you can make any season look cool with a personalised umbrella in your hand. So design your own umbrella with us today!

Features of Our Printed Umbrella

  • Sizes: 34"X34", 42"X42", 48"X48"
  • Octagonal in shape with printable panels
  • Polyester and nylon material available
  • Manual opening handle
  • Comes with an optional cover
  • Easy-to-design umbrella
Features of Our Printed Umbrella

Custom Photo Umbrellas For You

Custom Photo Umbrellas For You

Use a printed umbrella made by you in many ways

Umbrellas are used in many ways by everyone. Some like to use it as a sunshade, as a decorative piece, for rains and even for photography! Marketers can even create their own logo printed umbrella in minutes with us!

Create a personal umbrella so that it never gets lost again. Gift it to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Promote your business on umbrellas to make better brand exposure.

Why Custom Umbrellas from CanvasChamp?

  • Brand Your Business
    Brand Your Business

    Promote your products for the best marketing

  • On-demand Fast Printing
    On-demand Fast Printing

    Design umbrellas within a few minutes

  • Best Quality Assured
    Best Quality Assured

    High-quality materials used for umbrella production

  • Custom Design Options
    Custom Design Options

    Personalize your custom umbrella in creative ways