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Personalized Photo Magnet
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  • It’s easy to create a personalised photo magnet

    We are introducing several new options to make a magnet that’s sure to be present for years in your space. Choose from three different materials – metal, acrylic, and wood. Our magnets can be customised in four shapes – square (2" x 2" or 3" x 3"), round (2.5" x 2.5"), heart (2.5" x 2.5"), and rectangle in a variety of sizes.

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        Photo Magnets

        These photo magnets are sticking about!

        Making magnets from your photos couldn't be any simpler! Just use our easy photo magnet tool to upload your desired image. You can even choose our multi-image option to create lovely photo collages centred around your favourite trips, family photos, or pets. Select two, three or four of your favourite photographs, then use the tool to expertly place them on a heart, circle, rectangle or square shape base. Add text or clip art to create engaging and useful organising tools. Or pick a single image and re-create it in the size you'd like. Our personalised photo refrigerator magnets make lovely, long-lasting gifts. After all, who wouldn’t relish a photo that sticks itself to the fridge?

        Premium photo magnets are created to last

        Premium photo magnets are created to last

        Our customised photo magnets won't let you (or the papers behind them) down. A powerful earth magnet is implanted in durable materials. Choose from ¼-inch thick plywood, high-quality clear acrylic, or tin-plated steel. The UV-cured ink is fade-resistant. A unique polyester coating makes them even more capable of standing the test of time.


        Creating custom magnets for any occasion or purpose is easy. With choices of materials, shapes, and multi-photo templates, there are endless ideas to turn your photos into personalised photo magnets! You won't be able to resist designing just one photo magnet!

        Custom Photo Magnets

        Transform your photos into magnets and use them as fun, ornamental, or informational pieces. Readily available in metal, wood, or acrylic, our custom photo magnets ooze high quality and style!


        Think of your fridge as a mini art gallery. Take some of your existing fridge artwork or boring doors of your refrigerator and turn them into custom photo collages. Arrange your photo magnets or utilise them to hang more artwork!


        Create magnets from photos to add flair and organise them in any way you choose. Exhibit a message centre, in/outboards, project lists, and more with colourfully personalised photo magnets that use your photos and words.


        Use custom magnets to notice your message out to the masses. Custom magnets aren't just for photos only. You can upload your business logo, card, or ad promotion for a custom piece that does your advertising for you!


        Don't keep your talent to yourself. Create magnets from photos of near and dear to loved ones in heart shapes! Photo magnets are a fabulous way to share your choicest pictures with people who have limited wall space.


        Spark creativity and play by turning several of your photos into magnets and then arranging them into unlimited messages! Or convert a particularly striking travel photo into a photo magnet frame and save the memories fresh long after the unpacking has stopped.

        Use our easy photo magnet tool to start giving a piece of you!


        Completely assured product! Add a photo or an artwork to your photo magnet.

        • Acrylic Photo Magnets

          Acrylic Photo Magnets

          Decorate in a breeze with acrylic photo refrigerator magnets and liven up your home!

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        • Wooden Photo Magnets

          Wooden Photo Magnets

          An on-the-spot gallery right at your fingertips by customised wood photo magnets.

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        • Metal Photo Magnets

          Metal Photo Magnets

          Metal photo magnets to last as long as any metal surface it sticks on!

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        New choices for customised photo magnets enables you to add round, heart, and rectangle to the original square shape.

        • Square Magnets

          Square Magnets

          Standard square photo fridge magnets in metal are now available in wood or acrylic.

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        • Heart Magnets

          Heart Magnets

          Get a photo of your loved one to treasure on a custom heart-shaped fridge magnet.

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        • Round Magnets

          Round Magnets

          Spin your world with a new circle shaped photo magnet! Available in wood, metal and acrylic.

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        • Rectangle Magnets

          Rectangle Magnets

          Bigger photo for a magnet? Try our rectangle shaped magnet to fit your landscape photo!

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        Select from options available in size, shape and materials and slowly watch your photos change into customised magnets!

        • MATERIAL & SIZE

          MATERIAL & SIZE

          Choose the material – metal, wood, or acrylic. Then choose the shape. The sizes that match each shape will then pop up on the screen. If there is more than one size option, you may want to define which size you want.



          You can load images from your computer files, gallery, Facebook, or Instagram. File types accepted are PNG, JPG and BMP (up to 25 MB).

        • BACKGROUND


          For background colour, click on Selected Color to customise a complementary colour for the border. Or upload a photo that has a border around the edges that would enhance your main picture.

        • LAYOUTS


          Along with a single-photo custom magnet, you can make collages with two, three, or four pictures. Under each number of photos, you will find various layouts.

        • ADD TEXT

          ADD TEXT

          Magnify your personalised photo magnet with a quote or caption. Choose font type and size, alignment and style, plus unlimited colour options.

        • CLIP ART

          CLIP ART

          Instead of an image, you may wish to choose from our many choices of clip art to go with a quote or personalised message. Just click on the picture you want.


        We know you have certain questions regarding our photo magnets. You can check some frequently asked questions as below or contact us for any assistance.

        What kind of surfaces can a photo magnet adhere to?

        Our photo magnets are printed with your detailed photo, text or image and have a powerful earth magnet set in the back for a stronghold. Magnets can mostly adhere to iron, nickel and cobalt, as well as blended-iron metals, such as steel. Most traditional surfaces for magnet use are refrigerators, lockers, file cabinets, metal shelves, and whiteboards. It is always indispensable to keep in mind, though, that magnets should be held away from tablets, laptops, smartphones, or anything with a magnetic range.

        Why are fridge magnets so synonymous with kitchen decor?

        Magnets were initially designed for space industry by an inventor named Sam Hardcastle. They were meant to be used for letters and numbers on large-scale tracking charts. As needs for it grew, new techniques for moulding them were developed, and Hardcastle began creating magnets for the souvenir industry. They very soon became a collector’s items.

        Today, magnets are everyday household items that allow for unique decorating opportunities on any unused space. Instead of adorning your fridge with your photos prints, you can now have your desired images created into photo magnets, which frees up the space for shopping lists, reminders, take-out menus or kid’s fun artwork. Also, companies can create customised promotional magnets to keep their brand on top of the mind of their consumers or clients.

        What are the best ways to give photo magnets as gifts?

        Because of their small, versatile size and comfortable fit in envelopes, photo magnets create an ideal canvas for a collection of fun situations. Baby baptism, graduation, and wedding announcements can last forever when they’re printed on photo magnets. A particular photo together will remind Mom or Dad who’s the real favourite parent on Father’s or Mother’s Day.

        Christmas and other festivals

        Family photos are good inclusive with a Diwali card or gift. Begin a yearly tradition with a personalised memento of your recent vacation. Make sure to keep one for yourself to create an interactive collage of all the exotic places you’ve visited.

        Dorms, First Apartments, or Office

        Funny images or sayings can liven up lonely dorm rooms or first apartments where more permanent decorating options can be difficult to negotiate. Magnets are also great in the office on whiteboards or file cabinets and as Secret Santa gifts for those difficult-to-please coworkers. Funny phrases or sayings will get laughs over and over from curious guests.

        Get Creative

        Personalized photo gifts are a great excuse to set up a photo shoot. Get creative and switch things up: Different poses or props in burst mode can create a charming “photo booth” look that can lend creative character to a space, while different angles of the same location can create unique panorama effect.

        How do I create my own personal photo magnets?

        Designing and creating your own customized photo magnets is easy with our online CanvasChamp photo magnet tool. You simply upload the photo or image of your choice and our easy-to-use wizard will walk you through different material, shape, size, layout, and border options. Editing or resizing is easy to see and understand at this stage to guarantee your magnet turns out the way you envision it.

        You can easily add text during this step. We also offer a fun selection of clip art images to add a funny or personal touch to a photo or plain text. It’s also important to decide before you complete your design whether you want multiples of the same image or different individual magnets.

        Most basic magnets are rectangular, so photos taken on your phone are already mostly ready to go. But you can also choose a square, heart, or round shape.

        Our magnets are printed with Epson Ultra Chrome GS inks on Ribermark Endura Light 150 PVC-free paper and protected with a Mylar PET polyester film covering for long-lasting endurance. A powerful earth magnet covered with a black polypropylene back gives it a strong hold on heavy papers.

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