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Make Collage Gifts in Many Styles

One picture at times can showcase a lot of emotions. Just imagine how many will a collage show then!

  • Personalised Photo Mugs
    Personalised Photo Mugs

    You can make someone feel special with photo collage mugs. Showcase a tale of love, adventure or friendship on a mug.

  • Magic Mugs
    Magic Mugs

    Make magic out of photo collage on a mug. Let a hot liquid when poured in a magic mug, reveal the true happiness of the photos.

  • Canvas Photo Prints
    Canvas Photo Prints

    Personalised photo collage prints on canvas can truly light up any living space - may it be a home or an office.

  • Photo Blankets
    Photo Blankets

    A quilt with collage prints will make waves with the kids or even look stunning in a bedroom. Design one today!

  • Acrylic Prints
    Acrylic Prints

    Photo collages on the acrylic print will create the perfect 'pop' effect in the pictures that are needed — gift one to a friend.

  • Framed Prints
    Framed Prints

    Personalised photo collage frames can look extremely elegant on hallways and staircases. Arrange wedding or birthday photos in it.

  • Photo Coasters
    Photo Coasters

    Get to protect your furniture from beverage rings and also admire the photo collage coasters at the same time!

  • Photo Magnet
    Photo Magnet

    Get to give all the attention and motivation to your kid's creativity by making custom photo collage magnets of their artwork.

  • Photo Book
    Photo Book

    A customised photo book can make waves with family, friends or any guests. Design a photo album the smart way.

  • Photo Calendar
    Photo Calendar

    Make a habit of gifting photo calendars that contain one happy moment from each month highlighted in the best possible way!

  • Acrylic Photo Blocks
    Acrylic Photo Blocks

    Light up your space like a diamond with the help of acrylic photo block collages and let your memories shine bright.

  • Metal Prints
    Metal Prints

    Create the most beautiful collage format from your photos on a metal print that can last in any environment with you.

Photo Collage Gift Ideas

Photo Collage Gift Ideas

Sometimes, gifting a universal or a general gift isn't able to capture the right essence of the bond. And by the heart of the relationship can be with anyone like friends, family, siblings, life partner or even colleagues. And when now since personalization is available freely over the internet, not many have the option for better customizing choices.

Hence, we have just the right opportunity for you to help you give the best gift to whoever you wish and for whichever the occasion. We offer photo collage for birthday gifts and more on more than 15 mediums to let you make that perfect gift to capture the right intensity of your connection with your family, friends and acquaintances. Get to gift practical and useful items such as coasters, collage mugs, blankets, collage cushions, collage poster prints, etc. with a trace of happy memories.

Collage Photo Mugs Can Be a Special Gift

A collage mug as a gift can make someone's day even more special.

Designing a Photo Collage is Easy as Blinking!

Designing a Photo Collage is Easy as Blinking!

CanvasChamp has created a perfect and easy-to-use designing tool for a 15-year-old to a 50-year-old. Making collage gifts for friends or anyone has just been made easy with our state-of-the-art technology in editing a product. Specially tailored templates for occasion and person-wise will help you get better ideas to make the right gifts!

Customising Options to Make Collage Gifts

Choose layout of your choice
Choose frames of your choice
Photo Collage Prints Online

Photo Collage Prints Online

Collage prints can display past, present; romance, history, happiness, love or even future. Get to print out fascinating details of your favorite photos in a story-telling fashion and make extraordinary gifts out of it for all occasions and essential people.

CanvasChamp Presents More Such Unique Gift Mediums