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12 Top and Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

12 Top and Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

By Canvas ChampDecember, 06 2021June, 28 2022Comment

Giving priority to the usefulness and the Vastu of the new house, anyone can find the perfect housewarming gift for their loved ones.

So, have you ever gifted someone with their housewarming? If not, don’t worry, as we’ve prepared the list of the top housewarming gifts for all households?

From photo pillows to frame prints, let us go through some creative and fun-filled housewarming gift ideas.

Best Housewarming Gifts Ideas

Whether it is a big or small, nuclear or joint family house, our top housewarming gift ideas work best for any place. So, here you go:

  1. Photo Pillows

Living rooms are incomplete without comfortable seating spaces. So what else to give the new house inhabitants than the family photo pillows? These offer a quick family bond even if you’re meeting the inhabitants for the first time. 

The same works for the bachelor or nuclear families who don’t want to miss their extended families in the new house. These pillows come with durability and extended prints- all thanks to the high-end printing technology.

Personalized Photo Pillows

  1. Framed Prints

Photos are an ideal gift for any new house. Why not go for the framed prints that highlight the special moments of the new house inhabitants? The choice of prints can be thought outside the photos and may go for the motivational quotes, styles, etc. 

The variety in the frames further makes it easy to get the best matching décor gift for the new house. Whether it is solid wood, metallic, or any other contemporary design, these frames never let you down due to the variety of sizes, shapes, etc.

Custom Framed Photo Prints

  1. Canvas Photo Prints

Canvases never let your impression down whenever you’re selecting them for the housewarming gifts. The canvas photo prints work seamlessly on different themed houses, décor, and the choice of the inhabitants.

There is a wide range of multiple canvas prints to choose from with CanvasChamp. The use of high-quality canvas further ensures that it remains a long-lasting and memorable gift for the new house.

Canvas Photo Prints

  1. Heart-Shaped Moon Lamp

Are you looking for something romantic and warm for the next housewarming invitation? You can go for the heart-shaped moon lamp for the couple shifting to the new house.

Not only does it serve the purpose of the night lamps, but it adds the perfect warmth in the bedrooms for a lively night. It works well for the bachelors staying away from their families and is ideal for the kid’s room.

Heart Shaped Photo Moon Lamp

  1. Custom Sequin Photo Pillow

Who can miss the shine of the sequin when it comes to having some of the gifting ideas?

The custom sequin photo pillow offers an excellent combination of photo gifting ideas and the glossy shine of sequin. It is perfect for any new house looking to have the ideal photo pillows for living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Custom Sequin Photo Pillows

  1. Custom Woven Photo Blankets

Bedrooms are the cosiest places of any house. So, why not give some blankets to the new inhabitants?

You don’t have to settle for any regular blanket when you can go for the custom woven photo blankets ideal housewarming gifts. Kids can have blankets with multiple designs, or adults can have blankets with woven family photos.

Custom Woven Photo Blankets

  1. Canvas Photo Collage

The new house walls need a kick that you can’t provide with simple big photos or collages. So it is time to shift to the canvas photo collages that are ideal for living rooms.

These collages on the canvas are one of the favourites of both young and elders in the family. It gives a hard time to the inhabitants to stay away from their nicely decorated living rooms.

Custom Canvsa Photo Collage

  1. Acrylic Prints

If you’re looking for something special for the new house inhabitants, what else to go for than the excellent acrylic prints? These are contemporary gifting ideas and are available in multiple options.

The sophisticated and distinct looks of these prints offer an excellent wow factor to any new house. Not to miss is the durability and stylish looks that are hard to miss while entering the new home.

Acrylic Photo Prints

  1. Photo Calendars

Many houses are incomplete without an updated calendar. Gone are the days when people had to use the limited calendar options at their place. This brings to another top choice in the housewarming gift ideas, i.e., the photo calendars.

These customised calendars offer the dual purpose of the updated calendar with a family photo for every month. In addition, you can also go for printing the special memories on specific months on these calendars.

Custom Photo Calendars

  1. Hexagon Canvas

Do you want something special for the creative and modern inhabitants of the new house? Then, it is ideal to go for the hexagon canvas that is not unique but are the perfect housewarming gifts for modern homes.

You can select the best memories for printing on these canvases. The shape of the canvas adds a perfect style statement to the place and works wonders for the persons who don’t want to go for the regular photos for their home.

Custom Hexagon Canvas Prints

  1. Photo books

While everything is not all about placing on the display or the walls, the choice of photo books is another good selection of housewarming gift ideas. You can go for the best collection of the habitants’ memories from special occasions like marriage, childbirth, etc.

Custom Photo Books

  1. Photo mugs

Continuing the streak of helpful housewarming gift ideas, the photo mugs work perfectly for any new house. You can go for the couple photos for the nuclear families or specific family photos for the joint ones.

Custom Coffee Photo Mugs

Wrapping Up Our List

So far, we find these as top choices by most of our customers as housewarming gifts. You can be inspired by these ideas for your next housewarming party gift or visit our gallery, wherein you can check out what customers have recently bought from CanvasChamp.