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Introducing Brand New Acrylic Photo Blocks

Introducing Brand New Acrylic Photo Blocks

By AdminAugust, 22 2019June, 23 2022Comment

CanvasChamp is excited to upgrade your traditional framed photos to our newest product - acrylic photo blocks! They are a great way to display your favourite memories. And they even make a great gift idea for anyone special in your family, friends or even acquaintances. They are about one inch thick and can sit on your desk or shelf, without drilling any holes in the wall. Get to have the real crowd-pleasers your house, or simply a medium to start a conversation.

Personalized Acrylic Blocks

So turn your ordinary photos that are framed on the walls into a shiny acrylic block. They are like the mini versions of our acrylic prints made of glass, which can look beautiful from shelves and desktops.


There are endless creative possibilities to what to print on the custom photo blocks. You can display your milestones of which you are proud and your favourite moments. Our photo blocks can also serve amazingly as corporate gifts for outstanding employees. You can even print your favourite actions done by pets to give them a special place in the decor of your space. Pets are, in fact, a trendy choice when it comes to printing them on anything.

Custom Acrylic Blocks

Photo generally with a proper resolution, vibrant colours, high contrast and more shadows go great for personalised photo blocks. It is because of the one-inch thick plexiglass that can bring out the richness and depth of the photos very impressively. The glass makes your photo appear with a 3D effect. We also suggest you choose a picture that is mostly closeups with the least negative space to give a more attentive look. Not only will it draw attention, but it will provide a professional's work impression as well.


Well, it is effortless and easy. You can turn any corner of your room or home into your very own mini-art gallery! Make your own photo blocks and set them up on your mantelpiece or shelf along with other photos of your loved ones. Get to make your space more sparkling and delicately pleasing with acrylic photo blocks. Relive all your special moments every time you get to peek at the blocks. Photos in the block will never fade, and the memories will stay right with you forever. With the glass being solid and also refractive enough, it looks like your photos embedded inside a diamond. The edges are also safely polished so as not to hurt anyone that handles it roughly, especially the kids. These weighted blocks are stable enough to stand on their own without any support. Although you can add a base during customisation to give an appealing look, they look just as beautiful also on their own. They are perfect for a gallery-inspired look and can stay clean-clear if maintained well.

You can display family portraits at your office cubicle or desk, to make it homier. Brighten up the corner of your office by giving a personal touch to your office space with photo blocks. Our photo blocks are also available in bulk amounts, and they can be given as a thoughtful gift to any colleague and make an excellent corporate gift out of it.

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