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India’s New Year Gift Guide from CanvasChamp

India’s New Year Gift Guide from CanvasChamp

By AdminDecember, 23 2019December, 23 2019Comment

As we near the end of the year 2019 and prepare to welcome 2020 (which can be a year full of hope, excitement and all the good things life can bring us), our hearts yearn to express appreciation to those special people who make our lives worth living.

With a plethora of options online to select from, choosing a gift for your loved ones to thank them for their love and support doesn’t have to be too confusing and challenging, right? So, here are a few new year photo gifts that might help you in making your efforts seem more personalised and meaningful.

Custom Photo Prints

Photo Prints: Gift all the good memories to your friends, family and cousins by printing all the happy times you had with them on photo prints. Photo printing, starting at Rs. 10 per print can instantly help you make a unique photo wall in a room which can turn out to be an impressive attraction for the New Year.

Custom Photo Puzzles

Photo Puzzle: Make a ‘You Complete Me’ photo puzzle with your favourite photo on it and gift it to your spouse to help them know how much you mean to love them in the next coming year.

Photo collage on canvas

Canvas Photo Collage: When you have too many photos and too less a space to choose out photo prints, then choose to make a canvas photo collage that showcases all your happy times at one place! This could turn out to be an excellent gift for your friends this New Year.

Custom Photo Pillows

Photo Pillows: Who wouldn’t love personalised photo pillows in such chilly weather of the year? Get to gift photo pillows to your kids to inspire them to explore themselves with quirky motivational messages printed on them. It can turn out to be a go-to for your children whenever they face a tough time or just something to relax when they are home.

Photo Desk Calendar

Photo Calendars: Instead of giving away whatever calendars you get from random business clients, why not give everyone personalised photo calendars showcasing your family, employees and even life quotes on it? Gift photo calendars with your favourite family photos on it this New Year to all those who are your well-wishers.

Photo Books: Gift a book full of 2019 photos to your mother or grandmother to bring out some love towards them. Make the new year unique by printing out all the selfies you took or screenshots of your video call with them to let them know that every moment spent with them was counted as a blessing.