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Acrylic Photo Blocks to Make Tables and Shelves Pretty

Acrylic Photo Blocks to Make Tables and Shelves Pretty

By Canvas ChampSeptember, 04 2020June, 22 2022Comment

Just take a look at your nearest table or shelf, and you would see some old school framed photo print which your parents insist on keeping it and only gets dusted for years but never looked at, right? It must be a photo of your parents from a wedding or an occasion. Or even your photo as a cranky teenager. 

Acrylic Photo Blocks

Probably that space could be completely empty, which is why it is generally overlooked and has cluttered items on it. If you don’t have anything adorning your home, then let’s talk about that.

CanvasChamp is excited to help you upgrade your place from traditionally framed photo prints with our new custom acrylic photo blocks. You may have heard of our more extensive version of acrylic artwork as acrylic prints. But recently, we decided to compact the same beautiful glass-like decor for your shelves, side tables and desktops!

Different Sizes & Shapes in Acrylic Blocks

Our personalised photo blocks come in a square, landscape and portrait sizes which are from 4 x 4” to 12 X 8”. These are one-inch think deep crystal clear acrylic that showcases your pictures printed on lustre paper. 

These blocks can come along with a base which can help you make your photos look like a mini trophy of your life. It makes your photos come with its own spotlight as the light gets reflected off it because of the glass.

Amazing Gift Idea - Acrylic Photo Blocks

Personalized Acrylic Photo Blocks

Custom acrylic blocks are a great gift idea as always have every kind of holidays happening every month in India. Especially, grandparents who are obsessed about their grandkids would love an acrylic photo block showcasing a picture of the grandkids or even of the whole family! They'll be so impressed to see their legacy of the family name printed so beautifully on a photo block shown in a whole new light. 

Personalised photo blocks are waterproof, easy to care and maintain. Kids can draw on it with dry-erase markers for a fun DIY activity and play around safely as the edges are polished well. 

What do you say, want to try upgrading your tabletop decor? Or maybe gift it to someone special? Design your custom acrylic photo blocks on our website and treat yourself or anyone with a modern-day photo print to adore forever!