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4 Reasons to Get Top Custom Wall Stickers For Loved Ones

4 Reasons to Get Top Custom Wall Stickers For Loved Ones

By CanvasChampJanuary, 19 2022June, 28 2022Comment

History Behind National Stickers Day

Are you thinking, why do we celebrate National Stickers Day? Here’s why: every year, people celebrate National sticker day in India on 13th January in memory of R. Stanton Avery. Stanton was the first person to come up with the idea of modern stickers with an adhesive label with removable backing.

Before that, savvy entrepreneurs used to stick labels on their products to promote them to people and nearby warehouses. They use gum paste to attach them, hence the name ‘stickers’.

By 1900, the sticker-specific paste was widely available in the market, which dried and would stick when moistened.

Why We Love Wall Stickers and You Would Too!

Celebrate this upcoming stickers' day by customising your own stickers or and custom wall murals and share them with us. Let's recognise all the ways stickers brighten up our lives and bring joy.

  1. They Add Flair To Every Room

Custom Wall Murals

Wall stickers help you express your feelings, your creativity and make your room full of personality and uniqueness. Be it your bedroom, kids room, classroom or a coffee shop, wall stickers can jazz up the environment. Create your own wall stickers and surprise everyone.

  1. Make A Statement

Everyone was once a kid. As a kid, we wanted to be appreciated. You wanted to be unique. So, how do you help your kid feel appreciated? Add custom wall stickers! Simply create your own wall stickers, add them to your child’s bedroom or playroom, and see them swoon.

Whenever you have their friends over for playing or a night out, they will gush over those pretty wall stickers.Be it Disney Princesses, Spiderman, or nature themes, you can now create your wall stickers with us.

  1. They Elevate the Fun

Custom Wall Stickers

Seriously. Have you ever visited a doctor’s room to find it filled with white walls? That’s no fun, right? Have you ever seen those funny stickers at the back of the car?  If only they would add something amusing to help patients feel at ease. Stickers can be enjoyable. They can make you laugh with their petty humour and help you forget your stress. 

That’s why so many companies and political campaigns use stickers to turn boring campaigns into funny yet right messages. Who knew sticky papers would bring us so much joy!

  1. They Allow Us To Be Sentimental

There is no such thing as a lousy sticker. You can make any sticker, and people will still probably get the message you want to convey through stickers. Although beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, every sticker is beautiful in its way.

When designing the stickers, you are pouring your personality on the blank canvas and letting your true self out. Today, you have the option to customise your stickers in an unlimited way. Pour out your creativity. Create your own wall sticker.

How to Celebrate National Stickers With Fun?

There are so many ways you can celebrate National Sticker Day! Everyone deserves lovely custom-made wall art stickers. There is no age limit, so invite whomever you want to the party.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate national sticker day in 2022:

  1. Get Some Stickers!

The first thing you should do on National sticker’s day is get some custom wall stickers. Already have enough? Probably not! One can never have enough stickers. So collect some pictures of your most cherished moments or loved ones and create your own custom wall stickers from them.

  1. Gift Some Stickers

Peel and Stick Wall Stickers

Who doesn’t like receiving stickers as gifts? Everyone does. Be it your mom, your dad or your life partner, you can create your own custom wall sticker for everyone in your family. Share the fun with them. We’re sure these lovely custom stickers will be their most memorable gift of the year.

  1. Contest A Sticker Competition

A little competition doesn’t hurt. So contest a sticker competition to challenge players to develop the most creative, theme-based personalised wall stickers. In the end, award those with the most prominent, most beautiful wall stickers or wall murals.

Wrapping Up

National Sticker Day is approaching, and it is approaching fast! So get your pictures ready to create custom wall stickers and make your loved one’s day special.

Jazz up this National Stickers Day with CanvasChamps custom wall stickers, from gifting personalised wall stickers to organising a sticker contest!