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New Year Gift Ideas with CanvasChamp: Find the Perfect Personalised Present

New Year Gift Ideas with CanvasChamp: Find the Perfect Personalised Present

By VivekSinghJanuary, 17 2024January, 17 2024Comment

In India, we share a piece of our hearts when we give gifts. Today, more and more people want unique gifts made just for them. This is why Personalised gifts are becoming so popular.   

Have you ever been confused about what gift to buy? Have you wondered if your gift will be different or special enough? CanvasChamp is here to help. They make gifts that tell a story, gifts that are personal and close to the heart. With CanvasChamp, you can be sure your gift will be remembered and treasured.   

Let's explore this world of unique gifts together!  


Why Personalised Gifts are the Trend in 2023? 


Gifting is more than just an act; it's a heartfelt gesture reflecting care and affection. As we navigate through 2023, there's a notable shift in our gifting choices. The trend is leaning towards presents with a unique meaning, tailored specially for the person receiving them. It's about ensuring that the gift brings joy and resonates with the receiver's heart, capturing a memory or sentiment. The era of walking into a store and picking up any generic item is fading. Today, people seek that special touch, an indication that says, "I thought of you when I chose this." It's this thought, this effort that makes Personalised gifts the shining stars of gifting in 2023. In a world bustling with choices, the personal connection truly leaves a mark.  


  1. Photo Printed Yoga Mat 

The Photo Printed Yoga Mat is where spiritual practice meets Personalised design. Imagine unfurling a mat that grounds you in your asanas and connects you to a cherished memory. It's the perfect choice for those on a wellness journey but also hold dear to special moments in life.   

 When customizing, here are a few tips:   

  • Opt for high-resolution images to ensure clarity.  
  • Choose pictures without too much clutter; simpler backgrounds work best.  
  • Consider the central point of the mat; place key elements of the photo there.  

 Whether you're kick-starting your day with a morning routine, finding peace in your meditation space, or joining fellow yogis in a class, this yoga mat adds a personal touch to your practice, making every session more special.  


  1. Personalised Photo Diary 

A diary is more than pages bound together; it's a sanctuary for thoughts, plans, and dreams. Adding a touch of uniqueness to this personal space is the customized photo diary. With your chosen image gracing the cover, it transforms a regular diary into a canvas of memories, making every scribble inside even more special.   

 To craft the perfect cover:   

  • Choose a high-resolution image, ensuring clarity for the printed cover.  
  • Decide based on the diary's dimensions: a portrait or landscape photo.  
  • Enhance it by adding a personal quote, making the diary yours.  

 Whether you're jotting down your daily plans, pouring your heart out in a journal entry, or documenting travel tales, this photo diary is a companion that carries your words and a slice of your world.   


  1. Photo Puzzle  

The joy of piecing together a jigsaw puzzle gets an exciting twist with the Photo Puzzle. No longer just abstract designs or picturesque landscapes, the scattered pieces can come together to reveal your precious memory. It's not just a game; it's a journey down memory lane, making it a delightful addition to family game nights.   

To craft your perfect puzzle:   

  • Opt for high-resolution images for a sharp print.  
  • Select photos rich in details and elements to heighten the challenge.  
  • Avoid overly dark or light images; a balanced photo ensures every piece stands out.  

Whether it's a lively family gathering, a relaxed evening with friends, or even just some solo time, working on this puzzle is a joy. And the best part? Once completed, it can be framed as a unique display piece, celebrating both the memory and the achievement.   


  1. Canvas Floater Frames  

The Canvas Floater Frame brings a touch of contemporary elegance to traditional photo displays. With this unique framing technique, the canvas magically hovers within the frame, adding depth and dimension. The beauty lies in its simplicity, and the result? An elevated look that transforms any photograph into a striking centrepiece.   

 To craft your standout display:   

  • Start by picking a canvas photo that you'd love to showcase.  
  • Choose a frame that enhances the image and blends seamlessly with the room's decor.  
  • Ensure the size and orientation of the frame are in sync with the space you aim to decorate.  

 Be it the living room where guests are entertained, a personal sanctuary like a bedroom, a professional space like an office, or even long hallways that need a touch of art, the Canvas Floater Frame stands out, making every glance towards it a moment of admiration.  


  1. Custom Woven Blankets  

Imagine wrapping yourself in warmth, from the snug fabric and the embrace of cherished memories. That's the allure of Custom Woven Blankets. More than just a piece of fabric, these blankets are intricately woven with a design or photograph of your choosing, transforming them from mere comfort objects to personal keepsakes.   

 To craft your special blanket:   

  • Ensure you select a high-resolution image for a clear and vibrant weave.  
  • Pictures with family gatherings, serene nature shots, or significant life moments often leave the most lasting impressions.  
  • Think of colors and contrasts; they can impact the blanket's overall appeal.  

 Whether draped on a bed, spread on a couch, used as a decorative throw, or even packed for a quaint outdoor picnic, these blankets serve both comfort and sentiment, making every snuggle a walk down memory lane.   


  1. Pop Art Canvas Print  

Taking inspiration from the dynamic world of pop art, the Pop Art Canvas Print breathes new life into regular photos, transforming them into vibrant pieces of contemporary art. These prints, with their bold colours and exaggerated features, are a nod to the iconic art movement of the mid-20th century.   

 For the perfect pop art transformation:   

  • Begin with a clear, well-lit portrait to ensure distinct features.  
  • Decide on a colour palette that resonates with your taste and the room's ambience.  
  • Select a specific pop art style, be it Warhol-inspired or Lichtenstein-esque dots and stripes.  

 Such an artistic canvas becomes the focal point wherever it's placed, be it the heart of a living room, the calm of a bedroom, the creativity of studio spaces, or the professionalism of an office. It's not just decor; it's a conversation starter, a piece that grabs attention and holds it.   


  1. Custom Playing Cards  

A traditional deck of cards receives a personal makeover with Custom Playing Cards. Instead of the usual graphics, imagine shuffling and dealing cards adorned with your favourite memories or designs. It's an exciting twist for card game aficionados or anyone looking to infuse a dose of individuality into classic games.  

 To design your unique deck:   

  • Opt for a memorable photo; group pictures from family outings or snapshots from special trips are great.  
  • Ensure clarity and focus, especially if the photo has many details.  
  • Consider a collage-style for the card back, combining several moments into one.  

 Whether during family game nights, friendly gatherings, or just kept as a novel keepsake, these cards ensure every game is a trip down memory lane.   


  1. Personalised Tote Bags  

In a world leaning towards sustainability, tote bags have become the go-to for many. But why settle for plain when you can go personal? The Personalised Tote Bags merge utility with a distinct personal touch, making them not just carriers but style statements.  

 To craft your standout tote:   

  • Select portrait or landscape oriented images depending on the tote's dimension.  
  • Consider patterns or designs that align with your style.  
  • Adding a favourite quote or phrase can elevate the design further.  

 From bustling shopping trips, laid-back beach outings, daily work commutes to casual strolls around the town, these totes are as versatile in use as they are in style, ensuring you carry a piece of 'you' wherever you go.  


  1. Custom Rubik's Cube  

Rekindle memories of childhood challenge and fun with the Custom Rubik's Cube. This isn't just the familiar twisting puzzle we've all grappled with; it comes with a personal touch. Instead of the standard coloured stickers, this cube showcases personal photos, making the solving process not just challenging but also heartwarming.  

 To create your unique puzzle cube:   

  • Choose six distinct photos or designs to represent each side.  
  • Ensure your selected images are clear to maintain the cube's aesthetic.  
  • Images with contrasting colours or themes can add to the challenge and visual appeal.  

 Whether placed as a quirky toy on your desktop, set in play areas for kids, or showcased as a distinctive decor piece, this Rubik's cube offers both nostalgia and novelty.   


  1. Heart Shaped Moon Lamp

Illuminate your space with love and warmth using the Heart-Shaped Moon Lamp. This isn't just any regular lamp; it's shaped like a heart and mirrors the craters and beauty of the moon. Coupled with personal imprints, it turns into a symbol of love, making every night feel special.  

 To personalize this luminous piece:   

  • Depending on available imprinting options, select photos, intricate designs, or heartfelt quotes.  
  • Ensure clarity and contrast for the chosen imprints to stand out against the moon's surface.  
  • If choosing a quote, keep it concise for maximum impact.  

 Ideal for setting a romantic ambience, this lamp is a perfect addition to bedside tables. Alternatively, let it be the serene highlight of cozy reading corners or use it to elevate romantic dinner setups. Wherever placed, it promises to radiate love and warmth.   


  1. Custom Sequin Pillow  

Imagine a pillow that not only cushions but also reveals a secret. The Custom Sequin Pillow does just that. With a simple swipe across its sequined surface, a hidden photo or design emerges, blending the tactile delight of sequins with the visual joy of personal memories.  

 Crafting this shimmering accessory:   

  • Opt for a clear and vibrant photo to ensure it stands out amidst the sequins.  
  • High contrast images or those with bold colours often have the best visual impact.  

 Perfect for adding a touch of glamour and surprise, these pillows can dazzle in living rooms, add charm to bedrooms, or be the star gift at special occasions.  


  1. Pet Shaped Pillow 

For every pet lover, here's a chance to immortalize those furry, feathery, or scaly companions in the form of a cushion. The Pet Shaped Pillow is not just any pillow; it's a soft, huggable representation of a beloved pet.  

 To get that perfect pet-likeness:   

  • Submit clear photos of the pet, capturing their essence, with them preferably in a sitting or standing pose.  
  • Ensure good lighting in the photos to capture all their unique features and colours.  

 Whether perched on couches, cuddled on beds, or adorning pet-friendly spaces, these pillows are a heartwarming testament to the bond between pets and their owners.   


  1. Poster Calendar 

Merging functionality with sentimentality, the Poster Calendar is a year-round companion that marks days and evokes memories. Instead of generic images for each month, this calendar showcases personal photos, turning every month's flip into a nostalgic journey.  

 Creating this Personalised timekeeper   

  • Select 12 high-resolution photos, each capturing the spirit of a particular month or a special memory tied to it.  
  • Images capturing festivals, seasons, or personal milestones often resonate best.  

Ideal for various spaces, these calendars can be hung in offices to brighten up workdays, in study rooms for inspiration, kitchens to mark special dinner dates, or bedrooms as a daily reminder of cherished moments.   


  1. Photo Prints  

Photo Prints bring life to the adage - "A picture is worth a thousand words." These are not just images; they are tangible memories, preserving fleeting moments.  

 To get the perfect print:   

  • Always choose high-resolution photos to ensure clarity.  
  • Consider pairing images with touching quotes or complementary designs for added depth.  

 These timeless pieces are versatile and fit seamlessly into photo albums, ornate frames for display, or even personal scrapbooks, ensuring the essence of the moment lingers on.   


  1. Custom Neon Signs  

Illuminate your space with the vibrancy and cool quotient of Custom Neon Signs. Whether it's a catchy phrase, an emblematic design, or just a word that resonates, these signs bring a contemporary edge to any setting.  

Crafting your luminous statement:  

  • Finalize a message, design, or word that embodies your vibe.  
  • Pick colours that stand out and blend harmoniously with the room's decor.  

Especially popular among the younger crowd, these signs can jazz up bedrooms, become the highlight in gaming rooms, grace living areas, or even make a statement in commercial spaces.   


  1. Custom Skateboard Deck  

Not just a mode of transportation but also an extension of one's personality, the Custom Skateboard Deck transforms an ordinary skateboard into a work of art.  

For that personal touch:  

  • Choose a design or image that either captures the skateboarder's essence or aligns with aesthetic preferences.  
  • Remember, the design should not just look good but also resonate with the rider's vibe.

While these decks are perfect for skating adventures in parks or urban spots, they're also edgy enough to be mounted as distinctive wall art.   


  1. Custom Beach Towels  

Sun, sand, and a statement! With Custom Beach Towels, stand out from the usual beach crowd. Personalize your sun-soaked moments with a towel that's as unique as you.  

Tailoring your sunny companion: