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Introducing Photo Magnets for Best Business Purposes

Introducing Photo Magnets for Best Business Purposes

By CanvasChampApril, 15 2019June, 23 2022Comment

We're excited to announce that photo magnets are officially available at Canvaschamp from now! While very similar to stickers in look, the production of personalised photo magnets online is unique. Like our other new and amazingly personalised products, we invested heavily in the best machines and technology. Our custom photo magnets have the best print quality and the most precise cut than available anywhere. Photo magnets India can be used for a variety of options, purposes and occasions. But the best you can get out of custom photo magnets is by utilising it for business purposes.

Custom Photo Magnets

One of the best ways to advertise for a company, services or even a political campaign is by giving out free stuff. Receiving free things than giveaways is easy. But many promotional items, such as custom photo magnets, are cheaper to produce than other traditional advertising materials, such as TV and pamphlets. Unlike pamphlets that can be quickly thrown out or TV ads that influence but are soon forgotten, photo magnets made online in India can sit on your refrigerator for months on end. They even hold essential papers on the fridge like to-do lists and bills to remind one about their agendas. Also if one day they aren't seen, the next day they could be in the front and centre in someone's line of sight reminding them about your campaign or product or business.

What kind of custom fridge magnets are actually available in the market? Well frankly telling you, companies either have first square-shaped photo magnets or maybe circle shaped for smaller prints and text but that is boring to promote on. If you want to make an impression on people, then it should be on shapes like hearts or rectangle besides square and spherical.

Custom Fridge Canvas

If you're going for a flashy look, you can have a colourful picture printed on a rectangular magnet, in a landscape or portrait style. There are really few limits to none with what you can get done with photo magnets frames. After all, they wouldn't be genuinely "customizable" if there were many limits. Creativity is a symbol of successful advertising, so feel free to choose a design that suits your business. The showier the magnet, the more likely it will be put up on their fridge to get noticed more often. It can help if your firm deals with food because yours will be the first company a hungry customer will think of while checking the refrigerator for snacks.

How much does it cost to create such photo magnets printing?

Not much but it also depends on design complexity, colouring and style, and even the size of the order. As mentioned before, it will be much less than other traditional advertising methods and lasts longer too. Generally, each magnet will cost less than a 20 rs to make so that even in bulk quantities, you're not going to pay too much for one photo magnet. You're more likely to spend more and get less from newspaper ads and television spots than you would from magnets. The value they bring though is undeniable. That benefit will pay out over the long term, in many different homes and perspectives. Magnets can sit for a long time without degenerating. They can move with you from house to house, and from instrument to instrument. If you're looking for promoting merchandise that will stand the test of time, then you must have personalised magnets as part of your marketing strategy. They stick around for quite a long time, they’re reusable and astonishingly cheap. Before you go for more costly promotional items, give photo magnets a try.

Personalized Magnets

Canvaschamp has the best valued and new photo magnets where you can design in any shape and print you want. We have three types of magnet base: metal, acrylic and wood magnets where you can choose a shape of square, heart, circle and even rectangle to go with your campaign. For bulk orders, you can contact our customer support for a good discount and get the custom photo magnets ordered delivered at your doorstep. So visit today and see how you want to manage to campaign your next business move.