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Ideas for a personalized photo calendar

Ideas for a personalized photo calendar

By Canvas ChampFebruary, 28 2022June, 23 2022Comment

At CanvasChamp, we firmly believe that creativity isn’t in crafting a new personalized product but it is in the ways one can use it. This is why we try our best to serve you with more innovative ways to use your personalized photo Calendar and other products crafted at CanvasChamp.

To ensure same and serve you with the best experience, we would like to share with you today some unique ways in which you can use our all new product, photo calendar. To get this more easily, we are here trying to share the three different kinds of photo calendars and the benefits of using them in different other ways. Let’s start;

Custom Poster Calendars

1-      Poster Calendar: Basic yet highly effective. Despite being printed on a single sheet and having all resemblances to traditional hanging calendars, the poster calendars still can be customized in numerous ways. Besides having your chosen photo or photos in a set of patterns (you can choose them from the design tool). Also, you can customize individual dates by choosing photographs or a message linked with the event. You can also add a personal message or a favorite quote which you believe can inspire you or keep you motivated throughout the year.

Personalized Desk Calendars

2-      Desk Calendar: Second on our list is the gorgeous desk calendars. Dedicate and personalize every month with a distinct image or quote. Also, you can choose from our variety of themes to make it an event or individual specific. Besides these, just like our poster calendars, you can customize dates with different pictures to signify important events like birthdays and anniversaries on that particular day.

Personalised Wall Calendars

3-      Wall Calendar: Custom wall calendars take the legacy of desk calendars a step ahead. Adorn the empty space on your wall by customizing wall calendar. Dedicate individual image and quote to every month, choose from a range of themes based on different occasions, and personalized the dates to ensure you don’t forget any special day or event.


With CanvasChamp, personalizing photo calendars has become very easy. Thanks to the dedicated design tool, which lets you customize your personalized photo calendar in few simple steps. However, there are certain defined standards which should be kept in mind while your personalize your photo calendars. The list of standards primarily include the photo resolutions. Hence, it is always recommended that you proofread your digital order first and consult with our experts in case you have any query.