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Get Ready for 2020 with a Personalised Photo Calendar

Get Ready for 2020 with a Personalised Photo Calendar

By AdminFebruary, 27 2020June, 23 2022Comment

If you love gifting and receiving custom calendars, then now is the time to start planning for the calendar of 2020! Whether you are an artist trying to display your masterpieces, non-profit individual trying to raise money, or simply want to promote your small scale business, it is essential to jump-start into calendar designing with a strategic plan.

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When you create a unique calendar, you get the chance to customise the calendar as a rare opportunity and to display it in front of someone for an entire year. So then, knowing how big such a moment is, how can you ensure that you are seizing this moment right? We have curated some tips for you to help you make perfect custom photo calendars online.

Tips for Planning Your Calendar Design

1. Choose a Consistent Theme

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A successful personalised photo calendar has consistency throughout the months planned. A stand-out calendar from the past can give you a better idea about this. Whether it was a nature photography calendar, a calendar displaying puppies on it or it could be the promotion of your products month-wise. Keeping in mind as to who will be the audience of the calendar viewing, select your theme accordingly.

2. Photos are Key

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If you are into professional photography, you have the advantage to showcase your work on the photo calendars omitting the search and need for stock images. For the rest of the non-photographers, be very careful to choose images of high resolution. This would mean spending hours on the internet to find the right photos and not to worry, though - there are plenty of valuable resources from which you can choose your pictures like Unsplah, Flickr, Shutterstock, etc. Make sure your photos have the sharpness and good detailing before you decide to design and print them.

3. Keep it Functional

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For your promotional custom calendar, include which days your business will be closed and mention the times it would be open for special occasions. For example, if your business will be closed on Independence Day, make a note of that on the calendar grid.

Another useful element to add to your calendar are deadlines for your seasonal products and services. For example, if you’re a clothing store that designs ethnic for Diwali, you’ll want to put a reminder on your October grid for your customers to put in their custom order by a specific date to ensure they get their item before the festival starts.

4. Include Promotions

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An excellent way to thank your customers is to put up special promo codes for them. This gives your customers and clients more incentive to purchase from you and puts a positive light on your brand.

Also, boldly mark the days you have big sales, such as Holi, Summer Sale, Navratri, Diwali, etc. so you can drive traffic to your store during those peak times of the year.

Calendar Design Resources

Okay, now that you have your concept framed, how on earth do you execute the design on photo calendars? Luckily, we know the answer to this. You can create the perfect calendar with CanvasChamp!

CanvasChamp offers you various styles and templates of photo calendars where you can design even a cover photo as well each individual month photo the way you want. You can also add more than one to make a collage if you have too many products or services and wish to display all that you provide and sell — starting at just Rs. 200, you can get to design desk calendars, wall calendars and even poster calendars which can immensely help your business in the long run. So visit the website today!