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Are You an Avid or a Sitcom Fan? Then Get a Canvas Prints for It.

Are You an Avid or a Sitcom Fan? Then Get a Canvas Prints for It.

By Canvas ChampApril, 07 2022June, 23 2022Comment

Sitcoms are one of the most integral parts of our lives these days. Ever since their popularity grew over the last decade, we have all been watching them to our hearts content in generous doses. Be it drama, thriller, suspense, comedy or romance –there are every kind of sitcoms these days. It is a great idea to incorporate your love for your favourite sitcom on your wall decor. We are often confused when it comes to home decor ideas. Photo on canvas are one unique way to showcase your sitcom love in style. Canvas printing is easy and hardly takes time – so get your favourite sitcom characters and quotes converted into canvas prints online !

Here are some cool ideas for different sitcoms to be converted into canvas prints making your wall decor stand out:

Game of Thrones

It goes without saying that this one is the most watched series and most of us have seen all the seasons. One of the popular dialogues like ‘All men must die’ or your favourite character from the series will definitely strike a chord. It is a great idea for canvas printing.  


This one certainly finds its way to various home decor ideas owning to its unmatched popularity and reach. Be it the famous six stars, their coffee shop pictures or the funniest dialogues ever said in television history, make photo on canvas with those.


This is one show which makes Monday mornings better. It provides that much needed motivation when you need to drag yourself to work. A catchy dialogue from this series can be made into a photo on canvas. It is an idea wall piece for your office or even your workplace in home. Also, you can keep it in your study if you want to feel motivated even while being home. As the series is about lawyers, it is a great one to have if you are a lawyer yourself.


Sherlock Holmes



If you love mysteries and also suspense and thrillers, this is the best option for photos on canvas. Sherlock is one of the most popular characters. His popularity kept rising as he kept solving case after case. If you have an analytical brain like him and also love suspense, a quote from the show or a scene from the series is a great idea to have a canvas print made.


If the dark underworld intrigues your fancy, this one is definitely for you. Get one of the popular dialogues made into a canvas print and you will surely have a few laughter's from guests. 

Breaking bad

This is one of the most wonderful screenplays of our times. The comman man rising to be a great don and a drug dealer is a story worth a lot of chills. It is also inspiring in a subtle way to never give up. Get one of the popular characters converted into a canvas frame.

You can also have your favourite band or band players on a canvas print like cold-play on canvas or beatles on canvas. 

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