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5 Personalized Photo Gifts to Enjoy Christmas This Year

5 Personalized Photo Gifts to Enjoy Christmas This Year

By CanvasChampJanuary, 05 2021June, 16 2022Comment

Bloggers and entrepreneurs are sprouting everywhere on India’s map like mushrooms. Every relative, cousin, friend or a colleague is taking a step forward to living their dreams carefree. This Christmas, get to support their ideas, struggles and vision with our collection of personalised gifts. Make them delighted with your customised surprise for them and let them know you root for them!

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Bloggers 

Gifts for Blog Writers

Custom 3D Photo Lamp

Are you looking for gifts for blog writers? Or are you a blogger looking for something to pamper yourself with? 

A custom 3D photo lamp is the best thing that could ever happen to you then! You can keep your memories warm and also bask yourself through the light of it to make a delightful mood for the evenings.

Gifts for Content Creators

Photo Pillows

If you have been a content creator and are always on your toes, then photo pillows can help you relax better when you are taking a break from your screen. Take a comfy sleep or a nap with your best memories from your content loved by your fans.

Gifts for Instagram Influencers

Personalized Photo Books

Also, we all have that one friend who is addicted to posting on Instagram and continuously creating snaps. For an Instagramming friend, you can gift them beautifully personalised photo books with their best photos printed on it.

Gifts for Fashion Influencers

Personalized Photo Mugs

Beauty and fashion bloggers need something to help them wake up from their beauty sleep and also in a good mood. Personalised photo mugs with their best quotes and shots are the perfect Christmas gift to your beauty blogging friends.

Gift Ideas for Creative People

Framed photo prints

Have a few people on your gift list that is just spewing with creativity? They’re always coming up with something that just leaves you in awe? Then they will love getting one of the framed prints as a creative gift for creative folks! 

Framed prints will continue to boost their morale and creativity, and for that, they will love you forever. Gift them the best memory on this Christmas and make them feel valued and appreciated for their inspirational artwork.

CanvasChamp can help you design the best-personalised gifts for anyone who is either a blogger, entrepreneur or a hard-working colleague. This Christmas, gift them support, love and treasured memories by printing their best pictures on custom photo gifts only from CanvasChamp.