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5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make in 5 Mins

5 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make in 5 Mins

By Canvas ChampMay, 05 2020June, 28 2022Comment

From your heart to your mother’s soul - create a Mother’s Day gift that will look handmade and thoughtful during such tough lockdown times! Make her feel treasured now that everyone is here inside the four walls of the home - safe, like she always wanted. 

Canvas Champ brings you five popular Mother’s Day gifts that can help you uplift your mother’s mood despite the lockdown!

Canvas prints

Mother's Day Canvas prints

Make her favourite photos, quotes, and places talk to her through canvas prints! She loved Juhu beach? Well, get her a beautiful scenic photo of it printed on canvas prints to take her back there in her imagination. 

She loves a favourite guru’s preachings? Well, find the quotes online and get them printed on custom canvas prints!

You can bring out anything looking rich by printing it on canvas prints. So print your mom’s best portraits and gift her that she is the Queen of her house and your heart!

Framed photo prints in India

Personalized Mothers Day Framed Photo Prints

Create a decorative wall piece with framed photo prints showcasing your mom’s journey till now! From her old photos of when she was young to how beautiful she became in her youth, collect those pictures, digitize them and print them on framed photo prints.

You can even highlight the milestones she has achieved on framed photo prints and create a beautiful wall mount for her space where she can look at it and feel refreshed upon going out the memory lane.

Acrylic photo prints

Mother's Day Acrylic Photo Prints

Your mom will get absolutely delighted if you give her handprints of the people she only cares about - her kids and spouse, printed on acrylic photo prints!

Take a blank piece of paper, get everyone’s handprints imprinted on with different and colourful paints. Take a photo of the paper and upload the image on our website tool!

Personalise the photo and get it printed on acrylic photo prints to gift your mother a beautiful family handprint photo on Mother’s Day!

Metal photo prints

Mother's Day Personalized Metal Prints

Add a different spark to your dining area with metal photo prints showing beautiful warm colours to make eating time appetising! Your mom will love to recreate a restaurant theme style near the dining area to help everyone stuff better!

You can even think of putting up family vacation photos, festival celebrations or trips you took to showcase colourful moments on metal photo prints!

Personalised photo mugs

Personalized Mother's Day Photo Mugs

Give your mother a gift that she can use daily- a photo mug for her daily chai! Choose a picture, colour and a design to match with her personality and customise them on personalised photo mugs. She will definitely love your thoughtfulness and embrace you on Mother’s Day!