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3 Amazing Glass Options For Your Picture Frame

3 Amazing Glass Options For Your Picture Frame

By AdminSeptember, 23 2019June, 28 2022Comment

While framing a piece of art or a photo, deciding on the glass frame is also an important decision. So, how can one decide on it? There are so many options available in the market like glazing glass, plain glass, non-reflective, UV-protected and even options in acrylic and plastic. It becomes a bit overwhelming to decide since no one ever knows all the type of choices obtainable for them.

Framed Pictures Prints
Although glass as compared to acrylic or plastic has better benefits in being scratch-resistant. But also, they are heavier and more prone to breakage than the other two materials. So, choosing the right glass is essential as much as choosing the right frame. With different finishes available in glass for clarity and visibility, we are going to explain to you in this article all you need to know about types of glass to use for your framed prints:

Conservation/Plain Glass

Conservation glass, often known as plain glass is the cheapest option in the framing of photos or art. Pictures displayed with this glass will hold on to its colour vibrancy and sharpness over time. However, plain glass tends to give away glare when viewed from certain angles of light. So, make sure to choose a place where there is less direct sunlight or artificial light on it. They come in 2mm-3mm thickness usually.

Non-Glare Glass

Plain Glass

A non-reflective coating is applied on the plain glass, which makes the photo inside it dust-protected and UV-protected. It reduces the reflections or glare of the light, making it more convenient to view at any hour of the day. These type of glass is most suitable for oil paintings. It will help preserve the texture and the colour of the artwork in a much better way. It enhances the visibility of art very nicely as compared to the plain glass. Although the preparation technique of the glass may affect the clarity of 3D or layered art. But otherwise, it reveals true colours of your photo in the right way. In these matters, acrylic prints come incepted with a non-glare glass as they are made of plexiglass which is a type of acrylic glass.

UV-protected glass

Ultraviolet rays can damage your photo prints as these rays despite having a glass on the photo, can get transmitted through. To guard against this, a coating that either absorbs or reflects the UV spectrum is needed on the glass. Hence, here enters UV-protected glass in the story. Organic UV absorbers are added to a transparent silica-based coat to create UV-rays soaking layer on one side of the glass. Some UV-protecting glass manufacturers even add a colourant to the coating to make the glazing of the glass look neutral in colour. Hence, all the colours of the photo or artwork are emitted vibrantly despite facing UV-rays. Also, such a glass is scratch-resistant and prevents your artwork from fading. Metal prints look the best with such a glass as it lets the colours look more vivid and bright.

So make sure you get to decide on the right type of glass for your next photo frame. Also, take care of the glass type that shall suit your framing border to match with the room. At CanvasChamp, we have the perfect options for all of your framing needs with a range of options for all your framing projects. Visit CanvasChamp to learn more about how to make beautiful customised picture frames from your favourite photos and artwork.